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Consumer is King and you are at his mercy

Consumer is King and you are at his mercy

The balance of power has shifted. Modern consumers have decided to shutout traditional advertising techniques and utterly disregard the billions of dollars worth of messaging that advertisers have been steadily bombarding them with for decades.

A chilling truth for marketers to accept, but it is reality nonetheless.

For years, brands have enjoyed the simplicity of telling their captive audiences what to buy, and to their delight, the consumers have bought; this is no longer the case. Unfortunately the Western World has reached its comfort zenith and markets are saturated with millions of brands competing for every dollar in Average Joe’s bank account. Average Joe doesn’t want you to interrupt his favourite TV show to tell him that your product is the greatest thing since the iPhone, because he’s heard that story a thousand times before. He doesn’t believe that it’s “better than the competition’s” because he read the reviews online and there are 5000 people saying your customer service is crap. Worst of all, he probably didn’t hear or see your $200,000 ad at all, because it’s 2014 and he’s watching the show on Netflix.

How do you do business when your consumer has become cynical, very well informed, and has the ability to ignore you? The answer is easy: you accept that they have the power and give them exactly what they want when they want it with a Content Marketing strategy.

Content Marketing is a communication tactic that allows you to talk to your desired customer profile without being the pushy salesman that consumers have grown to despise. It doesn’t make the consumer feel like you are invading their space or interrupting their routine; it lets them know you are genuinely providing value to them at their time of need. If you play into the customer’s game, by being there at the right time with the information they need then they will give you their business and their loyalty.

Content Marketing delivers value by providing the answers your consumer is searching for online or enhances their lives with relevant material that they actually want to see. It is highly targeted and propelled online with subtlety and respect for the consumer’s space and needs. It helps them and gradually guides them to find your business without making them feel like you are pushing them.

In order to execute a Content Marketing strategy you’ll need an agency that understands the tactics and knows how to communicate. We at Marin Marketing can help you to get the most out of your business’s online efforts and lead your customers back to you.