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Why Thinking Differently Matters

Why Thinking Differently Matters

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

Think different.

It’s easier said than done. Look around you. Doesn’t it seem like everyone is doing the same thing? Wherever you look, patterns emerge.

Get up. Go to school. Study.

Get a job. Get up. Go to work.

Jump on the band wagon because the home town’s sports team is doing great.

Try online dating because everyone is doing it.

The weather is freezing cold and no one is heading out, so why would you?

You need to think differently; to think outside the box. Thinking differently is what made Apple into what it is today; that’s why we have the iPhone. Thinking differently is what made Microsoft into the company we know; how else did PCs enter the homes of so many? Thinking differently is what made Amazon the online store it is today; how else does an ebook store become the largest electronic commerce retailer in so many countries?

There are countless other examples: the Nintendo Wii (eschewing traditional controls), Netflix (eliminating brick and mortar retail stores) and Twitter/Facebook (changing methods of communication).Trends occur because everyone starts following an idea, a process, design or virtually anything. By the time you join in on a trend, it can be too late to make an impactful change. 

When it comes to marketing and advertising, thinking differently is just as important. How do you capture someone’s attention today? We live in a world where everything is instantly accessible, 147 characters constrain our messages and pictures are one of the most popular & effective ways of communicating. How will you make an impact on our world? 

Mark Twain said it best: When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. Think differently. Not to quote Apple (or the hundreds of people before it), but there is some good in doing so.